Speaking venues range from large conference keynotes of 750 or more people to senior audiences of 30-60 in select forums or corporate off-sites. Presentations draw on in-depth cases and first-hand experiences from my work applying network analysis in over 120 top organizations. My presentations are highly interactive, even with the largest of audiences. Each presentation is customized to the specific concerns of the audience through relevant examples of network applications.

Speaking Videos

Select from three videos to view recent speaking engagements. The overview video (~10 minutes) combines footage from a multitude of speaking events with various sized audiences. Alternatively, shorter videos (~6-8 minutes each) focus on presentations with large audiences and small audiences.

Example Topics

Explore the range of topics that may be covered in speaking events, where I have experience applying organizational network analysis ideas: innovation, revenue generation, client connectivity, large-scale change, individual performance, talent management, economic value and industry-specific areas.


View client testimonials that highlight the value participants received through my presentations.

Speaker’s Bio & Picture

View my biography for a summary of my experience, including my research interests and the publications supporting them

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