Executive education may be conducted as highly interactive “open enrollment” seminars for groups in the 30-75 person range or customized programs for executives ranging from the most senior leaders to mid-level managers. These sessions may be held as in-house leadership programs, modules in University programs (e.g., Duke CE, Darden or Babson) and/or custom programs designed for specific concerns of a target audience.

If you are interested in conducting a network analysis within your own organization and applying the findings to strategic issues or groups (with the option of including personal network results), then a retreat or a strategic planning workshop would be the most appropriate forum. The combination of discussing the network analysis results as a group and in small breakouts results in a set of actions that support the organization’s strategic direction as well as craft a network capable of supporting its’ strategic goals.

Sample Agendas

Consider a half-day or full-day session focused on executive development and performance


Examine what clients have to say about the value of executive education sessions

Example Presentation

Walk through the topics typically discussed, which include “Managing” Networks in Organizations (group-level networks), Managing Personal Networks and Developing Energy in Networks

Example Personal Network Diagnostic

Actively engage in improving your performance by analyzing your own personal network as in this example

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