Contrary to popular belief, performance and well-being are not enhanced by simply building a big network, but rather by establishing one that is managed across five benefits that effective personal networks confer. Specifically, our research over the past two decades shows that more effective people cultivate networks that help:

  • Produce Innovative Solutions: Crafting non-insular and collaboratively efficient personal networks promotes your ability to frame/solve problems broadly and envision unique opportunities.
  • Execute Work Efficiently: Engaging key opinion leaders in networks to drive influence without authority and addressing four performance opportunities in networks – center, fringe, silos and responsiveness – helps efficiently advance projects and drive results.
  • Amplify Results By Energizing Hidden Potential in Networks: Creating competence- and benevolence-based trust and energy in networks attracts better opportunities and talent.
  • Thrive Through Networks That Yield Purpose and Well-Being: Building networks that provide task and social benefits positively impacts your physical health and resilience/well-being.
  • Transition Into New Roles and Learn/Adapt through Experience: Leveraging relationships to build capabilities in times of transition and avoid career derailing network traps is critical to individual performance during times of change.

The Personal Network Workbook uses self and peer ratings to develop strategies to improve your connectivity on each of the critical functions.

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