Please feel free to enjoy some webinars on leadership development and networks presented to the companies that form the basis of the Connected Commons West Coast.

Performance & Well-Being Through Personal Networks

Why Networks Matter More Now

Watch the leaders of the Connected Commons as they showcase the latest thinking and practices for individuals and organizations to succeed in a networked world.

Why Networks Matter for Leaders

Watch Rob Cross and the leaders of the Connected Commons and learn how work is changing and network knowledge will be the master competency for success as individuals, organizations and broader communities.

Spurring Innovation Through Networked Talent

Chris Ernst, Vice President at the Gates Foundation, discusses how innovation today spans boundaries – thriving in networks where information and expertise flow laterally, diagonally, and in spirals. Yet, most organizations still rely on old methods and a structure designed well over a hundred years ago – the hierarchy. In this interactive webinar, Chris shares how Juniper Networks, a technology innovator in Silicon Valley, is learning to use boundary spanning networks to spur innovation in a networked world.

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