I have been lucky enough to partner with Rob on a variety of events with CEB.  He has been the keynote speaker at our HR summit in front of thousands of HR executives, lead numerous webinars, and has facilitated small intimate brainstorming sessions with CHROs.  The feedback from the executives in attendance is always the same: top notch.  Rob has a unique ability to make the hardest ideas digestible and the most complex math interesting to the mathematically challenged.  Most importantly, Rob, through his humor, and warmth is able to help executives understand how ideas and insights turn into actions and decisions that they should make.

Dr. Brian Kropp
Managing Director and Practice Leader HR Practice, Corporate Executive Board


CCI, Inc.

CCI engages over 100 management experts a year to speak to our CEO and C-suite peer roundtables – and Rob Cross is one of the very best!  Rob’s content and engaging style have resonated with our members as they grapple with the challenges of leading their large organizations in the face of rapid change.  By combining rigorous academic research and numerous real-world examples Rob is able to give executives actionable advice on how to improve the performance of their organizations.  Rob is responsive, adaptable and personable – a true pleasure to work with!

Barry Perlstein
Managing Director, CCI Inc


Institute for Corporate Productivity

Rob possesses a unique and powerful combination: deep insights based on quality research, context to make them practical and actionable, and delivery that engages his audience. Because of this, we’ve been fortunate to feature him as a keynote speaker in front of audiences of senior executives from the most recognizable brands in the world. In fact, at the request of our clients, Rob will be a keynote speaker at our annual member conference for the second straight year.  As a research firm that prides itself on discovering the ‘Next Practices’ in human capital management, we are relied upon by senior executives to help them prepare now for what’s coming next.  We’re fortunate to currently partner with Rob on a major research study on ‘Collaboration’ which builds on his popular cover story in Harvard Business Review, and we are looking forward to partnering with Rob in more ways in the year ahead.

Kevin Martin
Chief Research Officer, Institute for Corporate Productivity



As a fellow frequent speaker, I get to observe many professionals at conferences and organizational events deliver their content.  Rob is among the very best.  He doesn’t just tell stories in an amusing fashion, like so many entertaining speakers do.  He educates his audience in a way that leaves them feeling both smarter and more ready to undertake the complex work that organizational network analysis involves.  I’ve seen other people talk about network analysis by throwing diagrams of networks on the screen, without really connecting to the audience or making the theory applicable.  Rob has done the applied work to accompany his research that allows him to bring the complex down to earth and answer every question that someone might ask.  There’s a reason that he has been able to build a substantial following of people in organizations who show up time and time again at events where he is presenting.  He’s always pushing the frontier with new ideas and new insights.  No matter how many times I have heard Rob speak, I can count on learning something new; not many speakers deliver that.

Bill Pasmore
Senior Vice President, Center for Creative Leadership



Rob has presented at several events I have been involved in, including the NeuroLeadership Annual Summit, where he partnered to deliver the closing keynote, and Microsoft’s annual leadership summit. In each event Rob was able to hold the attention of a room of 600+ smart executives, provide real insight, and do so while being completely data driven. He’s one of the deepest thinkers today around talent, generating truly fresh ideas in this space.

Dr. David Rock
Director, NeuroLeadership Institute



Rob is a leading global expert in the area of network analysis and organizational collaboration.  We, Corporate Research Forum, have had the pleasure of working with Rob a number of times over the years and the feedback from our membership community of leading HR professionals has always been extremely positive.  We have found Rob to be equally skilled delivering his insights and perspectives to small intimate groups as well as to larger audiences and look forward to him being one of main speakers at our International conference which will convene over 400 in Amsterdam addressing the issue of Collaboration. We have found Rob to be very easy to work with and someone who puts time, effort and thought into the content and his delivery to ensure it aligns with the experience and knowledge of the audience.  His delivery style is engaging and thoughtful with an understated confidence that resonates with any audience.  In our experience there is no one better to address this crucial and under-valued area of work.

Richard Hargreeves
Director, Corporate Research Forum


EDA Networks forms, facilitates and manages peer networks for HR executives from the largest organizations in the world.  The firm currently has 10 networks with over 250 executives from over 200 organizations. In the fall of 2006, Rob ran a session on social networks for our Chief Learning Officer Forum.  He did a wonderful job in bringing this somewhat esoteric topic to light for our members and also very effectively linked organization network analysis to bottom-line business outcomes. Rob’s speaking style is engaging, witty, and provocative.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker or seminar leader to any organization.

Michael Dulworth
President & CEO, EDA Networks


Rob Cross is one of those rare speakers who ties academic research to business examples in a crystal clear way. His work on social network analysis is especially important for our clients, large commercial and federal IT organizations who need to deliver on both innovation and operational efficiency.  Harnessing the power of people in a connected world is key for this, and as organizations get bigger and the connections more complex, taking a disciplined approach to making the most of those connections is something organizations will need to do. Rob makes his material actionable – he tells you what to do with it or what the implications of the data are.  He speaks with energy and passion, drawing the audience in with his easy-going style that invites questions and discussion.  Rob keeps the audience engaged, learning and wanting to hear more.

Bill Koff
Chief Technology Officer, and Director Leading Edge Forum, CSC

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